Why does everybody know you must back up your PC, but few people actually do?  Because "When pe hors is stole, steke pe stabull-dore"(1350)  or, starting from 1992,  "When PC crashes and all data lost, run backup for Windows desktop"

Our 2 cents to give you a providential recovery one day: PC upgrade is the best time to start online PC backup!

When you are upgrading your scraggy Windows XP to a mighty Windows 7, choose your favorite online backup powered by PickMeApp for a complete backup and recovery of your PC's operating system, programs, settings and personal files.

Out of over a hundred companies listed in our bimonthly lookup,  may we suggest the following:

  • Best integration with PickMeApp (build-in a Windows network drive support): 

  Livedrive (review), ElephantDrive (review), iBackup, Egnety, Humyo, JungleDisk, Omemo, ZumoDrive.

  • Work-around integration with PickMeApp (build-in a WebDAV support):

4Shared(review) , DriveHQ (review)

  • Finally, our favorite  Gladinet(review) : a backup tool helping to integrate PickMeApp with Skypedrive, Google Docs, FTP hosts and other remote storage providers. (Use our coupon code MPLAHKRT38 to get 10% off the Gladinet license.)

Happy Backup !!!