Capture program Every Program which is not on the C: Partition! on Windows 7

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Please add searching on other Drives/Partitions than just the one, where the OS sits. I, and I think a lot of people too, have programms not just sitting on C: ^^ :) So, please add manual scanning and adding of programms! And it would be very nice, if you add a function where you can view, then choose which and then export ALL or the choosen registry entries/keys for a specific programm only. Means, without saving the whole App/programm. Sometimes this is very usefull! I think adding this function can't be such an effort, because it has to be partially implemented already. Just a GUI part for it has to be added. THX, for this awesome proggy, missed it. Hope you will add the things I mentioned! Greetings, Andreas Flatzek