PickmeApp Malware?

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I just installed this program to try moving a program to another computer as a test. This seems to be bundled with a TON of malware. After starting the install, I accidentally hit "accept" to the first prompt without reading it, the next 3 windows were similar and I looked at them more in depth and noticed each one was trying to install a seperate, questionable program. (google toolbar, bing bar, and something else). I declined all of these, but it seems like the damage had already been done. Internet explorer had 3 new addons installed from this software, all related to bing, which I've removed. however it also seems to have installed another, seperate version of chrome in my computer. (I know its a seperate version as it doesn't have any of my extensions loaded, nor does it have my 2 user accounts, just a "default" account). In my normal version of chrome, anytime I try to open a new tab, the tab opens, then closes and a new window pops open from the other version of chrome, bringing me to bing.com (checking in the chrome settings, there is no list of bing anywhere, so I'm not even sure how its doing this). After running a malwarebytes scan , I found several items for "smartbar" that seems to have been installed along with pickapp. Whats going on here??