Installation failure

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After trying to install PMA a few dozen times using different scenarios, I'm sad to say that PMA does not install on my machine. Windows 10 Home v1803 , OS build 17134.285.

I downloaded using link provided by you in my email.
I ran PickMeAppLight1_2_6_0 as administrator.
I ran PickMeAppLight in it's folder as administrator.
It opens a blue rectangle then a window opens and then just does nothing.
On the icon it says initializing. But nothing happens. I have to exit the app after a few minutes of nothingness.

Can you think of what can be the problem ?

Wait for your reply.....


PickMeApp Light malfunction

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PickMeApp Light malfunction

PickMeApp Light is not functional well.

The PickMeApp Light was removed from download within few days. 

Please download and use the latest version of PickMeApp Light using the same license code.