PickMeApp wants to break free

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Currently, to support PickMeApp development and to serve PickMeApp users the company relies on advertisement.

On the PickMeApp site,  Google AdSence is used, which provides the most relevant and high quality advertisements to PickMeApp users.

During PickMeApp installations, our co-bundle partner, InstallMonetizer may suggest to install an interesting and reliable software from well known software vendors such as MSN, Microsoft, Yandex, Babilon, RealNetworks and etc. InstallMonetizer works only with well known and established software providers. Please visit their side to get more info.

During PickMeApp tool usage, our co-bundle partners, InstallMonetizer and BetterInstaller may also suggest to install an interesting and reliable software. PickMeApp offers only one application per 4-7 day of usage.
If you are not interesting, the offer may be safely declined. It does not affect a PickMeApp  functionality.

PickMeApp Sponsored Offer

Note: In some rare cases PickMeApp may fail to offer any application and will present an empty offer window instead. You may close the windows safely. Nothing is installed  without your approval.