PickMeApp Pro manage all aspects of the Windows software life cycle:

Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, removing, capturing and transferring applications with just a few clicks!

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Use PickMeApp Pro for:

  • Transferring programs and settings from one Windows PC to another
  • Installing or Upgrading  new or captured programs unattended
  • Managing the personal collection of programs
  • Frequent installs of the same set of programs
  • Remove bunch of unnecessary programs unattended


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 PickMeApp PRO as your ultimate personal software package manager for Windows.

 PickMeApp PRO becomes your ultimate Application Manager. Now, together with programs & settings transfer, PickMeApp PRO helps you to discover, download and install silently any existing Windows applications with just a few clicks.

 PickMeApp PRO Major Features

  • automaticaly indentify how to install or to remove program in a "silent" mode (without user intervention).
  • automaticaly keep track of new releases of the packages to allow downloading and installation of last relesaes 
  • work completely offline with local repositories of custom software
  • create and manage the  personal colleciton of instlalation packages , in cloud or  localy, centralized or distributed.
  • reuse  build-in PickMeApp Collection  of  120 popular silently installable programs.