The great thing about PickMeApp is that is works with almost any application you have on your computer!  Samples of common programs PickMeApp transfers are: the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Picasa, as well as many games. You can check a list of programs tried out with PickMeApp. It is important to ensure that the programs on the original PC can also be run on the operating system installed on the destination PC. For example, not all applications are yet certified to run on the Windows 7 Operating System. So if your second PC is running Windows 7 instead of the operating system on your original PC, verify that all the applications you want to transfer will run on Windows 7.  Since PickMeApp does not modify your applications in any way, it cannot make an application incompatible with Windows 7 run on a PC with Windows 7.