6.3. Quick Introduction to use PickMeAp with PAD files

6.3. Quick Introduction to use PickMeAp with PAD files

To make PickMeApp to recognize PAD files, the files need to be uploaded to one of PickMeApp profiles.

As soon as a PAD file is uploaded to a PickMeApp profile, PickMeApp is able to read an application description, to download an application package and  to run an application installer upon request.

Moreover if a PAD file includes a special PickMeApp extension (TAD), PickMeApp is able to provide a one click install of several chosen applications at once.

To use PickMeAp with PAD files you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to software repositories and download PAD files of interesting applications.
  2. Import PAD files to an existing PickMeApp profile or create a new profile with those PAD files.
  3. PickMeApp will recognize those files and will list those applications on the Right Panel, alongside with captured applications.
  4. Now all standard PickMeApp features are applied to application descriptors as well.
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