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7.1 PickMeApp Light Review

7.1 PickMeApp Light Review

PickMeApp Light is about 50% of a full PickMeApp functionality.

PickMeApp Light captures and saves installed programs as single executable installation.
You may use this installation package to re-install your program on another PC without PickMeApp usage by coping  and running this executable on a destination PC. The setup will guide you through reinstallation process.

Note PickMeApp Light cannot create packages larger than 2GB.

PickMeApp Light

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7.2 Unattended/Silent Installation of captured application.

7.2 Unattended/Silent Installation of captured application.

PickMeApp Light captures and packages installed programs as single executable setup.

This setup can be run in interactive mode as well unattended/silent mode using /S switch.

For example running "KeePass 2.39.1.exe /S" in a command line to install captured KeePass silently.

The following InstallSilent.bat script can be used to automate installation of captures software programs.
(The script can be located in the "Tools" directory of PickMeApp Light setup).

:: To call installing in silent mode, we can call like
:: InstallSilent.bat "7-Zip 9.38.exe"

start "" /WAIT %1 /SD


IF %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 ( Echo The application was installed succufuly.
   ) Else If %ERRORLEVEL% == 1 ( Echo Installation ended with error.
        ) Else If %ERRORLEVEL% == 2 ( Echo Installation failed.
          ) Else If %ERRORLEVEL% == 3 ( Echo Permission Denied.
             ) Else If %ERRORLEVEL% == 4 ( Echo License is Invalid.
               ) Else If %ERRORLEVEL% == 5 ( Echo Installation canceled. The program is already installed on the computer.
                 ) Else Echo Failed without reason

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7.3 PickMeApp Light vs PickMeApp

7.3 PickMeApp Light vs PickMeApp

A full version of PickMeApp Application Manager allows you:

  1. Select and capture many programs at once
  2. Select and reinstall  many captured programs at once
  3. Create a single executable installation for several programs at once
  4. Select and install  many new programs at once.
  5. Manage separate profiles for different captured programs and new installations.
  6. Receive automatic updates.
  7. Submit request and receive online support.

Note: Currently there is no difference between PickMeApp and PickMeApp Light in supported applications.

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