5.4. Pack (save as exe) feature

5.4. Pack (save as exe) feature

PickMeApp Pack /"Save As exe" feature is used to repackage captured application as one installation package. This installation package may be used to install captured applications on any PC at once, without a need of the PickMeApp tool.

Possible  Pack /"Save As exe " Feature usages.

  1. Version Compatibility. PickMeApp is changing rapidly. While we are trying to provide a backward compatibility, it can happen that old captured application packages are not supported by a new PickMeApp version.
  2. Software Distribution. This feature is especially useful for system administrators. Now PickMeApp can be used to repackage several useful applications as one installation package and to distribute it to other PCs.
  3. Simplicity. While we are trying to make PickMeapp as simple as possible, yet some users are confused while using PickMeApp. This feature simplifies program and settings transfer task. It makes a re-installation step similar to a standard Windows experience.

Yet to get the most of functionally while re-installing applications on a new PC, consider to use PickMeApp alongside with the original application packages ( TAP files ).

"Save As exe" Feature limitations.


  1. You can repackage up to 40 applications in one exe package.
  2. Repackaging adds about 2MB on top of the original package.


  1. You cannot choose which application to install.
  2. You have only limited information about applications being installed.
  3. You have no progress notification during installation.
  4. You cannot cancel installation in the middle of process.

Video Tutorial

Download BestOpenSourceApps installation package from the video !!!

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