4.3 Software Suites

4.3 Software Suites

A software suite is a collection of software programs bundled and installed together. The software programs share a similar domain and may have correlative features and functionality, or they may be completely different from one another. After the software suite setup is finished, it can be difficult to determine how those software programs are related and whether they are part of a suite.

Microsoft Office is a popular example. Microsoft bundles multiple software programs like Word (Word Processor), Excel (Spreadsheet), PowerPoint (Presentation Program) and Outlook (email client) into a software suite. Although each of these programs function differently, they are all considered productivity software.

Prior to this PickMeApp version, a software suite user had to manually locate all related software programs, capture them one by one and then recover them onto the target PC. Some of our app workarounds advised users on how to deal with their software suites.

With this Version 1.2. release, PickMeApp is able to identify related software programs as part of a software suite. It lists the software suite under “Installed Application List” alongside the other applications. The user can easily distinguish software suites by their names which starts with “@Suite@” and the bold title fonts. Users can also use the <suites> filter to quickly find software suites in the app.

PickMeApp finds and recognize Software Suites

This new version can capture, install, uninstall, repair and perform other actions on software suites the same as it does for regular software programs. As soon as an action is applied to a software suite, PickMeApp will automatically identify and apply relevant actions to all related software programs.

  • Software suites are capturable if all related applications are capturable ( Qualified Applications) . When a software suite is captured, PickMeApp takes all related applications and packages them as a single TAP file or as a single self-extracting executable setup (PickMeApp Light).
  • Software suites are repairable if at least one of its applications is repairable. When a software suite gets repaired, PickMeApp repairs all repairable applications of the software suite.
  • When you uninstall a software suite, PickMeApp uninstalls all related applications.

There are some limitations on PickMeApp actions that can be performed on software suites.

  • PickMeApp may fail to find all related applications for a particular software suite, thus losing some its features when transferred by PickMeApp. We constantly improve the PickMeApp abilities to recognize related applications.
  • PickMeApp will only recognize Microsoft software suites as well as predefined custom suites. This limitation will be reduced in the following releases!
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