11.3 Remain Relocated Application

11.3 Remain Relocated Application

Remaining applications means to return application folders to their original location after relocation.

After an application is successfully relocated, the font color of each relocated application is changed to blue font and the Relocate button is changed to the Remain button.

Note: The Remain button is disabled for relocated applications waiting for a computer and PickMeApp restart.

The Remaining action is very similar to the relocation of application. The remaining process may last from a few seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the application and speed of the source and destination drivers. In some cases, you may experience a short period of desktop flickering. This happens when PickMeApp is trying to release some locked files prior to remaining the application.

Remaining applications may require restarting the computer to clean up the remaining data from the relocation. In such cases, PickMeApp prints information message inside the Session Log. The “Restart” pop-up is not shown.

Note: The remaining application fails with an error message if there is not enough space left on the original drive.

Note: You can only remain applications one at a time. There is no batch mode available for remaining applications.

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