11.6 Managing relocated applications

11.6 Managing relocated applications

Running and Closing relocated applications

There should be no difference in running or closing a relocated application. You can create shortcuts and add them to the start menu the same way as you would with a non-relocated application.

Uninstalling relocated application

The best way to uninstall a relocated application is to use the PickMeApp Uninstall Feature described here: (see link)

To allow a proper clean up after uninstalling a relocated application, make sure that PickMeApp is running during the uninstall process.

In a case when a relocated application was uninstalled while PickMeApp was not running, the application’s relocated files and folders might be left on the destination folder. A manual cleanup will be required in this scenario.

Upgrading relocated application

There are two scenarios for application upgrades:

  1. The upgrade setup overwrites application files by using new files without altering folder locations. The PickMeApp Relocate feature is designed to support the process in this case. The upgraded application is still relocated after the upgrade, although some new application folders might not be relocated.
  2. The upgrade setup uninstalls the old application and then installs the new application version. Currently, PickMeApp cannot distinguish that scenario from a regular uninstall. The newly installed version of the application is not relocated. To keep the application relocated, repeat the relocation process.
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