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2.1 Installing PickMeApp Pro

2.1 Installing PickMeApp Pro

Before you can use PickMeApp Pro, you should download and install it first on your Windows PC.

You can download PickMeApp Pro from https://www.pickmeapp.com/downloads/PickMeAppPro.

Note: PickMeApp Pro can also be run as a portable application. For more information, see Make a Portable PickMeApp Pro.

To install PickMeApp Pro:

  1. Navigate to the location where you downloaded the PickMeApp Pro installer.
  2. Click and run the installer.
  3. On the Welcome screen, click Next
  4. Accept the terms of the License Agreement.
  5. Click Next and choose the system folder where PickMeApp Pro will be installed.
  6. Click Install.
  7. Click Yes on the User Account Control prompt to confirm that you are allowing the installer to update your device. PickMeApp Pro is then installed to the destination folder.
  8. After successful installation, click Finish.

You may launch the program right after installation, although you may need to buy a license first before you can use it. You can also choose to let Windows run PickMeApp Pro automatically during startup. You can switch off this option via PickMeApp Pro settings later.

Note: You cannot install two different PickMeApp products on your PC at the same time. If another PickMeApp product is already installed, uninstall that product first before installing PickMeApp Pro.

PickMeApp is installed to the following directories on your PC.

  • Executable: PickMeAppPro.exe is installed to the location specified during installation,
    e.g., Program Files (x86)/PickMeAppPro.
  • Data: All data files and system directories are located at %programdata%/PickMeApp,
    e.g., ProgramData/PickMeApp. 

Note: Set your computer to show hidden folders if you cannot see your %programdata% folder.

If you have limited space on your system disk, you can optimize PickMeApp Pro setup. For more information, see Optimizing PickMeApp.

To utilize PickMeApp Pro’s capabilities fully, you should let it run permanently in the background.

Note: When reinstalling PickMeApp Pro, ensure that you close it first to avoid any potential issues later.

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2.2 Uninstalling PickMeApp Pro

2.2 Uninstalling PickMeApp Pro

To remove PickMeApp Pro from your computer, run Add or Remove Programs, then uninstall PickMeApp Pro. Make sure to close PickMeApp Pro first before removing it from your computer.

Using Add or Remove Programs

The PickMeApp uninstallation process will uninstall all executables and clean up the installation folder. However, it does not remove the data folders located in %programdata%, where custom PickMeApp settings, captured data and other artifacts are kept.

Using the PickMeApp Installation Program

To completely remove PickMeApp and all its files, run the PickMeApp installation program and choose Remove. You will be prompted to remove all PickMeApp files prior to removing PickMeApp Pro.

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2.3 Buying a PickMeApp Pro license

2.3 Buying a PickMeApp Pro license

PickMeApp Pro requires a valid and non-expired license to function.

After PickMeApp Pro installation, a browser window automatically opens to a page where you can buy a PickMeApp Pro license.

Alternatively, click the Buy Now button on the PickMeApp Pro interface to purchase an annual license. You can also go directly to the PickMeApp Pro Shop by clicking here.

After purchasing a relevant PickMeApp Pro license, you will receive an email confirming your order from PickMeApp Support. This email contains your relevant PickMeApp ID/license and the email address to which the license was issued. The screenshot below shows a sample PickMeApp ID/license. ID

Your PickMeApp license entitles you to free updates and is good for one (1) year from time of purchase. After your existing license expires, you will need to buy a new license to continue using the program and/or receive program updates.

You are allowed to install and use PickMeApp on an unlimited number of devices.

You need a valid PickMeApp ID to request support, receive updates, and enjoy the many other features available to licensed users.

Note: A PickMeApp Pro license can be used to run PickMeApp Light as well.

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