Developers from Ukraine supported the creation and rise of PickMeApp. It is now time for PickMeApp to support Ukraine.

Over the years, more than 25 developers from Ukraine helped develop PickMeApp. Even after some of them moved on to other projects, we remained connected. Some of them became our best friends. We saw them grow up, start families and raise their children. We know that people from Ukraine love their homes, their families, their children and their work. The people from Ukraine are open and bright. They are looking to live independent and democratic lives.

Now, their lives are disturbed by the brutal and pointless war that has come to their homes. It is time for PickMeApp to help support the people of Ukraine and their children.

From now on, until the end of the war, 100% of all income coming from selling PickMeApp licenses will be sent as a donation to the UNICEF fund   dedicated to helping children in Ukraine (

Please support the children in Ukraine by purchasing a PickMeApp license.

The auditing confirmation of donation will be provided by an independent third-party auditor upon request.

Dedicated to: Andriy H., Alexander K., Alexej M., Anton F., Andrew A., Andriy S., Andrey B., Irina S., Ivan C., Nikolay B., Alex N., Natalia K., Pavel K. , Ruslan C., Ruslan T., Sergey V., Sergey Y., Vasily Y., Viktor K., Vera K., Vladimir P., Volodymyr S., Viktor T., Victor V., Vladimir V., Yuriy O., Yuriy N. and all people living in Ukraine.