Pre-purchase information needs to be more clear

Create: Tue, 2019-06-11 21:36
Author: jon_6

Nowhere in the information on PickMeApp can I find a definitive statement that non-qualified applications CANNOT be transferred with PickMeApp. Even the forum post that lists all the "qualified" apps does not state that, if an app is not on the list, it CANNOT be transferred. The information is just vague enough that an unsuspecting--and hopeful--individual will be led to believe that the list is just a "known good" rather than a strict go/no-go list. This is borderline deceptive marketing. I certainly would not have spent my time & money trying to use the app, but now that I'm the proud owner of a piece of software that is useless to me, I feel a burning need to educate others.

jon_6    June 11, 2019

Given that Microsoft estimates that there are >35 million Windows apps in existence, PickMeApp is limited to less than 0.04% of available applications. Adding "qualified" apps one-by-one really isn't helpful; in order for PickMeApp to be truly useful, and worth even the $15 they're charging, the developer needs to come up with a clever way to automatically make a "best guess" attempt at gathering up all the pieces of a "non-qualified" app.