12. PickMeApp as Application Launcher

12. PickMeApp as Application Launcher

PickMeApp as Application Launcher  

In line with our goal to make PickMeApp the ultimate Windows Application Manager for everyone, PickMeApp is adding a new capability of launching and terminating installed applications with just one click.

PickMeApp’s detailed knowledge of application components allows PickMeApp to locate and start any executable of the installed software on your PC. PickMeApp can also identify and terminate any running process of the selected application on demand. PickMeApp even handles hidden application  services running in the background that are consuming computer resources.

You can manage an application’s start and stop by using the “Start” and “Stop” buttons on the PickMeApp application bar. Also, you can terminate several applications at once by using the “Stop” button on the System profile bar.

If an application has a single executable, PickMeApp shows those buttons with normal text. If an application has several executables or services, the “Start” and “Stop” buttons are shown in bold text.

If several executables belong to the same application, PickMeApp allows users to choose which executable to start or to stop. PickMeApp groups these executables by type to simplify their  management. The essential application executables can easily be reached by one click. Rarely used executables are grouped together by default.

Alongside with starting executables, PickMeApp starts any essential application services needed to run those executables. On the other hand, it is possible to completely terminate all of an application’s  processes and services to save computer resources.

PickMeApp provides detailed application info about application executables, services, running statuses and whether they are setup to run after computer startup.     PickMeApp allows you to filter and select several running applications for batch management .

PickMeApp CLI interface is extended to support starting and stopping of applications from the command line. ​

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