2.2 Uninstalling PickMeApp Pro

2.2 Uninstalling PickMeApp Pro

To remove PickMeApp Pro from your computer, run Add or Remove Programs, then uninstall PickMeApp Pro. Make sure to close PickMeApp Pro first before removing it from your computer.

Using Add or Remove Programs

The PickMeApp uninstallation process will uninstall all executables and clean up the installation folder. However, it does not remove the data folders located in %programdata%, where custom PickMeApp settings, captured data and other artifacts are kept.

Using the PickMeApp Installation Program

To completely remove PickMeApp and all its files, run the PickMeApp installation program and choose Remove. You will be prompted to remove all PickMeApp files prior to removing PickMeApp Pro.

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