Backup installed programs on a docked external Hard Drive with Windows installed.

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First post. :-)

First i'd like to both thank and congratulate you on a brillant program. I love the simplicity of it, and i hope to be using it for a long time coming. It is perfect for me. :-)

Is it possible in the future, that users would be able to insert a hard rdrive into a cradle/dock with Windows installed on it (After removing it from another PC) and backup the programs on that drive?

I have a non-bootable drive with windows 7 on it, i have been able to view the drive via a live cd, and checked the drive itself for errors.
The drive is in a healthy state, so it must be software related issues. I would like to backup all the programs on this drive, and run them on another PC.

I don't think this is possible now (i hope it is, but i haven't been able to find this feature). But is it possible, that this could be available in the future?

Thank you,