Cannot Download PickMe to the Flash Drive

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Try as I might, I an unable to get this app to download to a flash drive. All browsers automatically download it to the hard drive, where it's useless. This is an old computer(Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit), and it's on its last legs, but it has some applications on it that I use often, which I no longer have software for, have no registration for, and cannot afford to replace. I was hoping this app would help "capture" and move them to a new computer that a relative has offered me. How can I get it to download to the flash drive instead of directly to the hard drive?

PickMeApp Installation is merely extracting files from archive

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PickMeApp Installation is merely extracting files from archive

As soon as PickMeApp installation is a self extracting archive (such as prepared by popular programs WinZip , RAR , 7zip) you may copy this installation to any storage ( including flash drive)  and run it there.

By default, a PickMeApp installation will extract all files inside the directory where the self extracting archive is located. Alternatively you may change a path  where to extract files.
For example you may point it to any storage device (including flash drive)