cannot see my office

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I have used your tool to move my office 2007 to my new pc. It seems to work nice but I cannot delete one office application. I have opened Uninstall a program and there is nothing there

Application Suites

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Application Suites

Currently PickMeApp does not recognize Application Suites as one application.
That is why MS Office 2007 that is a suite of many applications is recognized by PickMeApp as several separate  applications.

PickMeApp transfers those separate applications on another PC.  Originally those applications do not have their own uninstall scripts, as it is done as part of the suite uninstall. Therefore those applications are transferred without uninstall scripts.

In any case the applications functional smoothly and in case  you want uninstall them you can use PickMeApp.  For more information about uninstall see PickMeApp Manual.