Cannot tick checkboxes in My Captured Applications

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Successfully capturing, can even generate individual EXE for each TAP.

But the checkboxes in the right hand pane for the "My Captured Applications" section are GRAYED OUT and un-selectable so I cannot combine multiple captures into a single EXE for deployment.

Win 7 64 bit machine, pickmeapp NOT the light version.

The checkboxes ARE accessible in the "PickMeApp Free Section" and the "PickMeApp Trial Section".


Known "Save As Exe" feature limitations

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Known "Save As Exe" feature limitations

Please refer to the following help topic.

PickMeApp "Save as Exe" feature works for a single application or on all applications captured in the active profile ( for example My captured Application  profile).

if you would like to install some of applications  or install more than 40 applications at once , you should transfer those applications packaged  as tad file on another PC.
Then  you should use PickMeApp to redeploy the applications by selecting them on the right window.