Install program all on Windows XP

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Program totally unusable.

Right side's button MARK ALL is dead. Center button INSTALL is dimmed. SAVE ALL AS EXE button causes an Windows error scrren saying that MAKENSIS.EXE caused a problem and must be closed, asking to send report to Microsoft

your feedback is welcome

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your feedback is welcome

Thank you for your feedback !

Problems: "Right side's button MARK ALL is dead"  ,
Answer : We tested it again. It works.
Note: The check boxes on the right pannel are disabled for  applications that already installed on PC.  So if you tried to select applications for re-installation on the same computer where you did the capture, of course "MARK ALL" did not work!  

Problem "Center button INSTALL is dimmed"
Answer:  Install button is enabled , when you choose several applications from the "Right Pannel". Probably due to fact that "Mark All" did not work for you, it was dimmed.

Problem "SAVE ALL AS EXE button causes an Windows error" .
Answer "Save All " feature cannot support a large list of applications. It works well with about 10 applications which total size is less then 2G.

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