Other Microsoft Works 6.0 on Windows XP

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I am trying to move ms works 6.0 to a newer pc. The icon goes to my desktop and when I click on it the following appears (works tasks launcher cannot find one of the files necessary to display tasks.) then suggest re-install. When I click ok it opens but with no tasks or programs ect. But when I click Find files and folders this message appears (cannot launch find in files applet). I tried this with all programs shut down and get the same results. Please help Thank you David

Workaround for MS Works 6.0 under investigation

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Workaround for MS Works 6.0 under investigation

Thank you for reporting us a problem . We are reviewing the issue.

It would be helpful to indicate the source operating system and destination operating system of the transferring program.

And if you are able to attach logs located under ..... Application Data\T-App\PickMeApp
( from source and destination OS ) , It would the best starting point for our investigation!

Some tips to try while waiting for a solution.

  1. Please take a look on our Microsoft Office workarounds. Microsoft products tend to have the similar problems.
  2. Try to switch on an advanced features.
    According to the following a post it helped to overcome the problem.