PickMeApp deploys programs to a different folder

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i wonder how to set the deployment directory?

My application is installed in root folder C:\AppName\xxx I can capture it ok, but when i deploy it on another PC it deploys under C:\some folder\AppName\xxx and because of this my app doesn't work properly. Hope you can help me solve this issue.

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PickMeApp deploy programs to the default directory

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PickMeApp deploy programs to the default directory

PickMeApp chooses installation folder according to the following :

  •  PickMeApp uses system folder (chosen during OS installation ) as directory root.
    For Example: if your system folder was C:/ but on new PC the system folder starts from D:/  PickMeApp deploys programs to D:/
  • PickMeApp installs programs to their default directory ( set by software vendor).


The feature to change default directory is under development.
If it is very crucial for you we can change it manually inside captured program. 
Please send us your TAP file of this program and we will try to help you.