Same software detected in one computer and ignored in another

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Using latest version of PickMeApp, which, by the way, is an awesome piece of software.

Situation is this: I've been working off home for some years. In the workplace I had my laptop, and in home I had my desktop computer.

Both of these computers have Office 2000 installed, including Visio 2000 and Project 2000. I can't really remember how did I install the software in the desktop, but in my laptop I cared for what I was doing and managed to get a nice Office 2000 installation with Visio, Project and some bells and whistles like Office 2007 compatibility.

The thing is that Office gets detected in desktop, but ignored in laptop. Same media has been used in both installations and both were installed over vanillas Windows XP.

When I found that Office was missing in my laptop I blamed some 'optimization' utility I might have used in the past when running short of space in Windows XP partition. This suspicion was apparently confirmed when I reinstalled the Office 2007 compatibility pack and it became detected in PickMeApp.

But then I ran 2 well known programs which do more or less the same than PickMeApp and found that they are indeed able to detect Office in my laptop. Everything was there like I had seen it in my desktop, even the dozens of entries that Visio 2000 installation creates.

I'm now thinking that PickMeApp is at fault here when not detecting the software that other programs are detecting, and I will be glad to contribute to PMA's ongoing development by running whatever test the developers find necessary in my laptop.

I hope I can 'pickmeapp' my Office 2000 laptop installation and help as much as I can in PickMeApp's development.

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