Capture fails for Dragon Naturally Speaking 11

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I have tried multiple times and on multiple Windows 7 computers to capture Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.

I have signed onto the computers as local administrator, ran the application with elevated privileges, switched off UAC and unchecked "Allow capturing setup cache". It is always the same result of "Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 capture finished with error" and no capture file created. The tap file is created in the TAPPS folder but disappears just before the "capture finished with error" message shows in current session log.

Any suggestions on how to make the capture work?

Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 is very large application

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 is very large application

One of PickMeApp Light limitations prior version 1.3 was a size of captured applications should not be greater than 2GB

Since PickMeApp Light version 1.3. you can capture and transfer applications up to 8G and probably greater.

please upgrade your version to PickMeApp Light 1.3 and use the same license code. ( subject to 52 weeks )