Capture program on Windows 7

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I downloaded and tried your application for the first time tonight. I was very much not pleased, Here is a quick summary of what happened.

I unzipped the download to a USB stick, along with a download of your collection. I ran the program from the USB stick and first picked several items from your collection to install on my new SSD running a freshly installed and updated version of Win7Ult32.

Closing your install exe generated a C++ error message (I have a screen shot).

After picking several items from your collection, I tried to install them on my new SSD.
One program I selected (PDFcreator) generated an error (I have a screen shot).
Another program I selected installed an out dated version (Open Office v4.0.0, the current version is 4.0.1.) Two programs I selected had errors and would not install: Libre Office and Inkscape.

Then I reinstalled the prior Drive C to capture programs that I use that weren't in your collection. Your program did see many of those programs which showed in the Control Panel list of installed programs and were not in your list of unsupported programs.

Some of the programs you didn't see: Attribute Changer 7.10b, Belarc Advisor 8.2, Big Free Clock, Bulk Rename Utility, Calendar 2000, CCleaner, iTunes, Lan Lights, Sync Toy 2.1, Unlocker 1.9.2, uRex Video Converter Platinum, and ViceVersa Pro.

Then I reinstalled the new SSD with a new copy of Win7 and attempted to install the few programs your app found on my original hard disk. That seemed to run ok. But then I ran Malware Bytes. 93 infections were discovered. Malware bytes found no infections on my original disk. So, I surmise that all the infections came from use of your application.

In summary, the install program had an error, your collection installed non-current programs, two in your collection would not install, another in your collection generated an error message. Over half the programs on my old hard disk were not detected by your app.

Then I found the SSD was significantly infected with Trojans that don't show on my original disk. I am very grateful I have an image prior to trying your program. I will restore that image and eliminate any trace of what was done by your program. Then I will start over with individual installs. Given my experience of building 3-4 computers a month for years, I am confident I will not see any evidence of malware when I'm done. I am not happy.