PickMeApp for External Hard Drive or Another Folder

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My Windows XP Motherboard died. I took the harddrive and put it on external HDD case. I have now hooked this up my new win 7 pc. How can i use pickmeapp to migrate from the external HDD (which has the winxp programs) to my new PC. thanks

Boot your old Windows XP

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Boot your old Windows XP

The are still some chance that  using PickMeApp you may recovery your programs and settings.

The ideas is to boot Windows XP from your old HDD.
You may use your real PC or any virtual machines agable to work with a real HDD.
( for example VirtualBox has support for using a raw host hard disk from a guest since version 1.4 ). 

As you can see from the our previous     post, it is enough to start your old Windows XP  in Safe Mode. (It increases chances that you may boot your old XP,  as less hardware drivers are loaded)

In any case you may try to read following articles describing booting windows from old HDD

  Please, share your experience with us after that.