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PickMeApp has developed a revolutionary and ready-to-market solution for seamlessly transferring applications from one computer to another in an instant.

PickMeApp is a provider of desktop software application management solutions. PickMeApp has built an application management solution ideally suited to leverage the massive migration from Windows XP to Windows 7. PickMeApp by PickMeApp offers corporate and individual customers a smooth transition of their existing applications to a new desktop in a manner that preserves their personal preferences and definitions.

PickMeApp is the first company to offer a comprehensive desktop application management solution capable of meeting the dynamic needs of computer users of all levels. PickMeApp ’s core technological advantage is the ability to allow users to capture their entire personal desktop environment and revive their personalized applications on another PC. The next logical step for PickMeApp’s patent technology will be to enable users to capture applications in their existing format and instantly access them anywhere.

With PickMeApp, end users are able to manage their applications on a new computer and experience the same ‘look and feel’ as their previous personalized desktop with all their favorite programs and settings.

PickMeApp’s powerful technology automatically captures all the necessary data for enabling the full re-creation of existing applications on another computer using a simple plug ‘n play format. Our advanced technology breakthrough provides a new genre of application management where users do not need to locate program disks, or repeat lengthy installation processes. Corporate users additionally benefit from using PickMeApp to maintain their PCs because their technical personnel are not overloaded with service needs.