PickMeApp Pro


Use PickMeApp Pro for:

Manage all aspects of the Windows software life cycle:
Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, terminating , removing, capturing and transferring applications with just a few clicks!.

Transferring programs and settings from one Windows PC to another

Installing or upgrading new or captured programs unattended

Managing the personal collection of programs

Frequent installs of the same program

Remove bunch of unnecessary programs unattended

PickMeApp Pro is all-In-one tool for software management

Capture and Transfer application Mover

Installer and Package Manager

Software Updater

Application Launcher

Advanced Uninstaller



PickMeApp Overview

PickMeApp Pro performs a rich set of management operations on installed programs and installation packages. PickMeApp Pro supports Windows XP and above. PickMeApp Pro may equally manage software product life cycles of a 32-bit and 64-bit programs on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows computers.

Discover and report detailed information about visible installed programs

Capture and save installed programs as installation packages for future reuse

Transfers captured programs to another Windows-based computer

Start and stop application executables and services in one click

Install new software programs or to upgrade existing installed software

Reuse build-in , or custom repositories of free essential installations

Repair malfunctioning software programs

Uninstall bunch of unnecessary software in one click.

Advanced features boost efficiency of PickMeApp Pro as software p life cycle management tool

Create System Restore Points prior operations affecting stability of system,

Automate the PickMeApp functionality via the rich set of command line commands

Tune PickMeApp performance using advanced settings.

Run PickMeApp As portable application from any removable storage. Alternatively, PickMeApp can be installed on the computer by window installer msi setup

PickMeApp Pro benefits

Safe Time

Reduce manual and repeating operations,

Safe money

Recover and reuse licensed software that still has a lot of value

Get Knowledge

Secure and protective source of information about your software programs,

PickMeApp Pro useful links

Software programs transferred by PickMeApp our list of software programs successfully transferred by PickMeApp. The list of more than 15 000 software that have been transferred by PickMeApp includes products from publishers such as Adobe, AutoCAD, Microsoft, Intuit (TurboTax), Corel, Nero, Symantec, Roxio and more!

Help guides about PickMeApp usage. Also visit our FAQ, Troubleshooting, Knowledge Base and Youtube channel. Online support is provided  by filling a support form inside PickMeApp application.

PickMeApp Pro