1.1. Introduction

PickMeApp is a portable tool to capture and transfer installed programs from one Windows-based computer to another.

1.2. What is meant by capture and transfer of software programs?

The capture  of applications enables you to create a personalized software package from programs installed on  your PC.  This software package is a snapshot of  the application itself and its customary settings.

Then this software package may be used to recovery the application on the PC, or to transfer the application on any compatible Windows operating system.

1.3. When is it time to use PickMeApp?

  • You want to have a backup of your installed programs and their settings;
  • You purchased a new computer, and you want to move your customary programs and their settings to a new computer.
  • You have to install an application with the same predefined settings on several computers.
  • You often reinstall Windows, and you want to save time on the installation of applications.