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Upgrade from PickMeApp to the PCmover & DiskImage bundle and get additional features that help you to retrieve your programs from your old hard disk.
For a limited time, PickMeApp users can save 50% on this exclusive offer for PCmover Image & Drive Assistant and DiskImage from Laplink Software. software download site is alive!

Dear PickMeApp user

From now on, we have even more  for our PickMeApp users.
We started our own software download site!

It means that you may use PickMeApp to install a new software.
Especially if PickMeApp failed to transfer your old program.
(The integration is under development)

PickMeApp Beta released

PickMeApp is delighted  to announce our new Update: PickMeApp Beta release. Download the Update now!

Windows 8? PickMeApp   supports it  like a charm ! 

PickMeApp Beta adds still more improvements as your very own personal Application Manager. Now, together with programs & settings transfer, PickMeApp helps you to discover, download and install any existing Windows applications with just a few clicks by supporting a well known Portable Application Description (PAD) format.

PickMeApp Beta released

PickMeApp extends its functionality and becomes a truly personal application manger.
Now, alongside with programs and settings transfer, PickMeApp helps you
to discover, download and install any of existing windows applications with just a few clicks.

A new version of PickMeApp supports a well known Portable Application Description (PAD) format.

PAD files are xml files created by software authors to provide product descriptions and specifications.
Regularly updated PAD files are published by thousands of software information services and software catalogs

PickMeApp Beta released

New PickMeApp was released with the exciting feature!

-Save a captured application as a self extracting installation.
-Save All captured applications as one self extracting installation!

Also some annoying bugs were fixed, too

Now, a registration on PickMeApp site ( requires an email conformation.
Note, only registered users may download the PickMeApp application.

A personal PickMeApp ID is generated during the first download.
A personal PickMeApp ID remains permanent and is not changed during re-downloads, as before.

PickMeApp Beta

PickMeApp Beta was released. The new version includes the following major improvements.

1. Support 64 Bit Windows XP, Vista , 7
2. Improvements for network profiles.
3. Integration with software promotion.

Also we did some small usability fixes.

The PickMeApp user manual was removed from PickMeApp distribution. The Help button on PickMeApp UI points to the online version of the PickMeApp user manual

The obsolete button Buy/Registry was removed.

PickMeApp is for registered users only

Starting from 1 March 2011, a PickMeApp download is available for registered users only.

Registered users have numerous added benefits including a PickMeApp download, support ,  forum access, upgrades and etc.. . Also please pay attention on the following post.

PickMeApp Beta

PickMeApp Beta released.

The version includes

PickMeApp Beta

PickMeApp Beta is released registration problem registration problem

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