Capture program All programs on Windows 7

Create: Mar, 2015-11-17 02:46
Author: normcaj57

There has been no progress whatever in the last 11 hours. Job started November 15 at 12:25 am It is now November 17 at 11:42 am with no discernible progress. PickMeApp has so far only captured 79 apps with 39 still left to go. Here are details of my job, which is still running. E:\ Program Files 3.40GB Program Files (86) 4.62GB Program Data 1.73GB G:\ Program Files 2.07GB Program Files (86) 3.04GB Grand Total 14.86GB Is PickMeApp meant to be so slow?

TAppTeam    November 30, 2015

There few Microsoft applications that it takes a lot of time to capture.

For example Visual Studio may take few hours to capture dependably on speed of hard disk. Indeed,  on old laptops it took about 9-10 hours to capture. The good news was that  on SDD disks Visual Studio 2010 captured within 4 hours only.  Another good news is that in following versions we are going to increase PickMeApp speed sufficiently.

Please take a look on the following thread explaining PickMeApp performance.

Could you please share the name of application PickMeApp is  capturing so long ?

In your case it seems good idea to restart PickMeApp
Next run , you may select only those applications that were not captured.