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Create: Sab, 2013-02-23 09:55
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How can I be sure software updates are legit?

Almost every week I get an authentic looking message telling me that an update for one program or another is available. Adobe Flash Player seems to be the most frequent. I blindly go ahead and click the Install button, but have become nervous that maybe one day some hacker will replicate the format to disguise an unpleasant surprise that will install something that will ruin my whole system. How can I be sure that what I'm accepting or installing is the real deal? There are several well-known antivirus/antispyware/firewall programs running on my computer - should they provide all of the protection needed to fend off that sort of attack? Thanks!

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  1. "You can trust updates from MS, Oracle and Adobe in my humble opinion. There are others too, I am sure."
  2. 'I have a Mac and a good while back I downloaded an Adobe Flash update. There was NO difference in the appearance of this update EXCEPT that it was a virus. So, no we shouldn't trust automatic-updaters."
  3. "You can't always be sure that the updates are legit. That's why you should backup your computer regularly."
  4. "The best way to upgrade your software is to click out of those notices and (1) go to the "Help" button in the software that is installed on your own computer to search for updates, or (2) go to the software developer's web site for updates."
  5. ....

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