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Declaimer : We have never asked to evaluate  PickMeApp tool. All reviews listed bellow are from unbiased reviewers who voluntary reviewed PickMeApp tool and shared their opinion with the community. Thanks to those reviews we have been continually improving  PickMeApp experience.

Unbiased PickMeApp Reviews


PickMeApp is especially useful when reinstalling the Windows operating system or buying a new computer

Language Date Version Author Opinion Our Comments
English 01-Mar-2021          appPearl "PickMeApp can be fairly helpful for transferring a number of common software products to a new device" Mostly about capture and transfer. Missing explanations for other features
English 21-Feb-2021      FreeAppsForMe "especially useful when reinstalling the Windows operating system or buying a new computer" Focused on few important features
Tiếng Việt 24-Dec-2017 Nguyễn Trường Giang
PickMeApp sẽ giúp bạn giải quyết vấn đề này một cách hiệu quả. Very nice and informative
Русский 13-Oct-2013 World-X "все будет сделано автоматически" short and clear
Italiano 21-Apr-2012 ilsoftware - Michele Nasi ddd short and clear
English 24-Feb-2012 Downloadtyphoon Download Typhoon - Editor's Pick None
English 1-Jan-2014 Top 4 Download Top 4 Download - Editor's Pick None
English 13-Oct-2013 Windows7Download Windows 7 Download - Editor's Pick None
English 10-Nov-2013 Freewarepark PickMeAppLight freeware  None    
English 16-Sep-2013 Unbiased Missed to describe  install fresh programs feature
العربية 4-Sep-2013 محمود منير بالتأكيد برنامج ممتاز  
English 16-Sep-2013 Ashish Mundhra "accomplishes the tasks" none


English 11-Oct-2013 Softpedia   Feature install fresh programs was not explained correctly.
العربية 15-Jan-2013


رغيب أمين

فهو برنامج اكثر من رائع None
Indonesia 18-Jan-2013 ringan ,penggunaan sangat mudah None
English Useful None
Русский 18-Sep-2012
Сергей Петрянкин
???? None
English 20-Sep-2011


Informative Read User Comments
Русский 11-Feb-2011 "проста и удобна" None
Italiano 06-Nov-2011 "incredibilmente facile e veloce" None
English 6-Jun-2012
Mike Williams
???? None
English 05-Feb-2011 ???? None
English 28-Jul-2011 Renjith "happy to share" None