Buying and Selling Old Software

Create: Mar, 2014-05-06 20:32
Author: TAppTeam


Selling and buying software isn't as simple as it might seem due to various regulations.  However, a tool called PickMeApp can help you navigate this process."

Have you ever thought about selling your old software, like you might sell a used book or a car? Or maybe you're seeking to buy software at a lower price and considering buying a 'used' software license? The answer to these questions largely depends on where you live. In some places, like Europe, selling or buying used software is generally accepted. However, in other areas, this might not be the case. It can be complex since different rules apply in different regions.


" The European Court of Justice has ruled that customers have a right to resell software they purchase regardless of whether the software was originally distributed on a physical medium or downloaded over the Internet. The ruling is a defeat for Oracle, which had argued that the court should uphold provisions in its license agreement prohibiting such transfers."

One crucial rule to remember is that if you're selling your software, you must uninstall it from your computer first. It's similar to selling a car - you can't keep driving it after you've sold it!

You might be wondering how to manage all this. That's where PickMeApp comes in. PickMeApp is a handy tool that can uninstall the software from your computer and assist in setting it up on the buyer's computer. It also ensures that everything is done correctly, leading to a satisfactory transaction for both the buyer and the seller.

However, remember that selling or buying used software can still be complex due to differing rules across regions. If you're ever uncertain, it's a good idea to seek advice from someone knowledgeable about these regulations. Also, bear in mind that some software companies might not allow you to resell their software, even if you no longer need it. Therefore, it's always important to check the terms before you sell or buy."

PickMeApp is the ultimate Windows Application Manager for everyone. This tool allows you to discover, download, install, upgrade, remove, relocate, capture, and transfer software with just a few clicks! Here's how it can assist in the resale of used software licenses:

  • Capturing and Transferring Applications: PickMeApp can capture an installed application in its entirety and transfer it to another system. This ensures that the buyer receives the complete software package, preserving its original functionality.
  • Uninstalling Applications: PickMeApp can manage the uninstallation of software from the seller's system, a requirement for the legal resale of software in many places. This guarantees that the software is entirely removed from the seller's system, ensuring the transaction complies with local laws.
  • Checking License Type: PickMeApp can potentially verify the type of the software license, using its internal databases. This can help sellers confirm they possess a license type that can be legally resold.
  • Acting as an Intermediary: PickMeApp can function as a neutral third party in the software transfer process. By managing the uninstallation on the seller's system and the reinstallation on the buyer's system, PickMeApp can ensure the process runs smoothly and complies with local laws.
  • Confirming Successful Transactions: By running the software on the buyer's system after the transfer, PickMeApp can verify that the transaction was properly completed and that the buyer received a fully functioning copy of the software. This provides additional security and assurance for both parties.
  • Ensuring Legal Compliance: While PickMeApp can identify the location of the software license or the buyer and seller,, ensure that the transaction complies with local laws. This could involve identifying whether the transaction is happening in a region where software resale is allowed or prohibited, thereby aiding both parties in adhering to the law.

Remember, while PickMeApp can assist with these technical processes, it's always recommended to consult with a legal professional to ensure full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations when buying or selling used software licenses