Cannot get Family Tree Maker running with PMA 0-7-4-2

Create: Mar, 2016-05-03 02:42
Author: dicklord

I was excited to find PickMeApp to move my Family Tree Maker 2010 from my Laptop to my desktop (both running Windows 10) after a hard disk crash on my desktop a few months ago. I had backed up the data, but the program couldn't be saved. I downloaded PMA to a 64GB flash drive and successfully captured the FTM program after a little trial & error. I had difficulty checking it on the Deployment screen, so I saved as a is as a .exe file on the flash drive. I have the flash drive in the desktop and ran the FamilyTreeMaker.exe program, which seemed to load OK, but it gives me a "Family Tree Maker has stopped working" message, and the Windows troubleshooter can't find the problem. The program runs on the desktop, and I have downloaded your program and run it again with the same results. I would like to try to capture it again if you can help me understand how to check it successfully on the deployment screen. I have read the manual several times without finding the secret words. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.