Program transfer

Create: Mar, 2016-11-15 21:06
Author: jim_5

Will PickMeApp transfer installed programs from one computer to another, both computers running Windows 10? I have a new machine and want to move some programs from my old computer to the new without having to reinstall and find software and keys, etc. Thank you.

TAppTeam    December 06, 2016

Yes, PickMeApp will be able to transfer applications between Win 10 PCs.

Moreover since Windows  10 internals are mostly the same as of  Windows 7 and  Windows 8 PickMeApp may transfer applications between those operating system interchangeably.

Note: PickMeApp will be able to transfer 32 bit  applications to 32 bit or 64 bit  operating system, even if the source operating system was 64 bit. 
Note: 64 bit application could be transfered only to 64 bit operating system.