Happy New Year! PickMeApp Pro has now been released.

We are happy to announce our new PickMeApp releases to kick off 2020:
+ PickMeApp Pro
+ PickMeApp Light
+ PickMeApp Installer

All users that purchased PickMeApp licenses (Pro or Light) in 2020 should start using those versions and up. The older versions of PickMeApp will not work with the newer 2020 licenses.
Important updates available in these releases:

  • While enumerating supported installation packages (tap, pad, msi), PickMeApp recognizes and marks software that was already installed on the computer.
  • The policy that prevents installation of already installed application can now be switched on and off.
    Read more about those features in the user manual
  • The app now shows the number of selected applications vs. the total number of applications in the PickMeApp profiles.
  • Pressing the Support button opens the location of PickMeApp logs files as well.
  • Fixed startup crash when Classic Shell (or similar) software is installed on the computer.
  • Fixed an issue with 2020-year licenses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being our loyal customers throughout the years, and we wish you and yours a prosperous new year in 2020!
Our New Year’s gift for you: Starting January 8th, the PickMeApp Pro license will start selling for just $12. The price will rise $2 every day after!