Long live PickMeApp! PickMeApp Pro 3.1 replaces PickMeApp (Classic).

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What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.1.6 (7-Jan-2020) ?

  • Feature: While enumerating supported installation packages (tap, pad, msi), PickMeApp recognizes and marks software that was already installed on the computer.
  • Feature : The policy that prevents installation of already installed application can now be switched on and off. Read more about those features in the user manual:
  • Feature The app now shows the number of selected applications vs. the total number of applications in the PickMeApp profiles.
  • Feature Press the "Support" button to open the location of PickMeApp logs files .
  • Fix startup crash when Classic Shell (or similar) software is installed on the computer.
  • Fix issue with 2020-year licenses was fixed.


What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.1.5 (2-Dec-2019) ?

  • Support installation and repackaging of MSI packages .
  • PickMeApp Installer compatablity fixes.

What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.1.4 (24-Nov-2019) ?

  • Improving System Restore Points feature.
  • Show installer type in the installed programs info dialog
  • PickMeApp Installer compatablity fixes.

What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.1.3 (21-Oct-2019) ?

What is new in PickMeApp Pro 3.1 (08-Oct-2019) ?

PickMeApp(Classic) is coming to its end-of-life date.
We are focused on developing the PickMeApp Pro tool as our richest set of software management features: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, removing, capturing and transferring applications with just a few clicks! PickMeApp Light preserves its main goal to make capturing and transferring applications as simple as possible. PickMeApp Light will always benefit from any improvements we implement in capturing and transferring applications

  • Portable PickMeApp: make your own portable copy of PickMeApp with just a click.
  • PickMeApp automation: enriched and improved command line interface (CLI)
  • Improved capturing and transfer algorithm: supports capturing and transferring complex software such as Autocad 2007, 2008, etc. (also available in PickMeApp Light
  • Stop running applications: new "Stop" feature can fully terminate running applications, including its hidden background processes and services

License Updates

  • PickMeApp Pro license price will be temporarily reduced to $24.
    (The PickMeApp Pro license is also covers PickMeApp Light usage )
  • PickMeApp Light license price will be permanently reduced to $12
  • PickMeApp (Classic) license includes access to PickMeApp Pro 3.1 and up .