PickMeApp Pro 3.8. Transfer all your apps with ease

Create: Sab, 2023-01-21 05:50
Author: admin

PickMeApp Pro (13-Jan-2023)

  • Fixing some crashes 

PickMeApp Pro (13-Jan-2023)

  • Fix issue with capturing apps requiring COM registration.  

PickMeApp Pro (11-Jan-2023)

  • Allow pause, skip, and stop capturing applications.  
  • Identify and inform about locked files preventing capturing applications.
  • Stability and usability fixes

PickMeApp Pro (01-Jan-2023)

We are excited to announce that our software now supports the capture and transfer of all types of software products, regardless of the installer. This means you can easily transfer all of your important programs and settings to a new computer with ease.

  • Support capturing and transferring any type of installed software applications. 
  • Remove separation for Qualified and Nonqualified installed software applications. 
  • Remove unused CLI switches. 
  • Stability and usability fixes