PickMeApp Light has been released

Create: Ven, 2018-11-16 13:29
Author: root

We are happy to announce our new PickMeApp Light release.

We continue to add more languages for PickMeApp!
This release includes French and Polish.

Many thanks to:
- Andrzej Wasik, who volunteered to make a Polish translation for the PickMeApp interface!
- Jean-Marie Leman, who volunteered to make a French translation for the PickMeApp interface!
- Marco Simone Gili, who volunteered to make an Italian translation for Frequently Asked Questions!

What else is in this version?
* As usual, there are a few stability fixes.
* Starting from version, PickMeApp Light offers automatic upgrades.
* And most importantly, users who purchased PickMeApp Light in 2018 will have to use PickMeApp Light and above!

We would also like to introduce our new search page.


On this page, you can search for software programs that were successfully transferred by PickMeApp.
The page is updated automatically as soon as we learn about any new programs.
Right now, the list contains 15,123 different program titles and their versions.

If you are interested in volunteering to translate PickMeApp and the PickMeApp Site to your language, please contact us!
You will get a free license for PickMeApp Light, as well as access to PickMeApp’s new full version that is currently under development.