PickMeApp Light 1.2 Release: PickMeApp suits you better now!

We are happy to inform you of our new PickMeApp Light 1.2 release.

The new release brings you more powerful features and essential bug fixes:

  • Feature: Software suites support.  PickMeApp Light 1.2 can automatically identify and capture software programs bundled together as a software suite. For example, Microsoft Office 2013 Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and more. Our new release finds and captures all relevant components of Microsoft Office and packages them as a single executable installation. This installation package can be used to re-install the entire Microsoft Office suite on any compatible PC. Note: PickMeApp Light version 1.2. only supports Microsoft Office and custom suites.


  • Feature: Installation cache recovery. While capturing an application, PickMeApp Light 1.2 locates and captures installation cache files. The cache installation files are copied to the appropriate locations during installation of the captured applications. Recovery of the installation cache files significantly increases the number of successfully re-installed applications by PickMeApp.


  • Feature: PickMeApp Turkish interface. We continue to add more languages for PickMeApp! This release includes a Turkish interface. Many thanks to Emre Ertekin who volunteered to make a Turkish translation for the PickMeApp interface!
  • Bug: Missing components issue. On the prior version, deployment of applications such as Adobe Acrobat Pro failed due because some of the application’s components were missing. PickMeApp Light 1.2 is able to find and capture those components and then transfer Adobe Acrobat Pro to the second PC successfully, as well as other applications with similar issues.
  • Bug: Name with special characters. Failure to capture applications with special characters in their names was fixed. ( e.g “Dell Command | Update”)