Unable to deploy captured program on another computer

Create: Sun, 2017-12-10 17:05
Author: atbeat

I have two computers using Windows 10. I purchased pickmeapp and captured one program using the app and found the .exe file in the TAPPS folder and when tried to install the file, it seem like it installed the file but it doesn't show up in Programs and no shortcut is made. I had an older version of same program PDF create in that computer and was installing the newer version and now even the older version of the program got corrupted and that doesn't work. I am using your recent version pickmeuplight. Do I need to install pickmeapp on the other windows computer as well to deploy the program. Your instructions advised to use .exe file to deploy.

TAppTeam    December 11, 2017

Hello atbeat
the exe that is created by PickMeApp Light is enough to re-install application.

please let us know name of the application so we can check the problem ?

in some cases while transfering application ,
PickMeApp does not transfer some few applications elements.

thus we use workarounds to fix those issues

Each new version of PickMeApp tries to be smarter, by removing need for some workarounds.