capturing a program took a long time

Create: Mar, 2015-06-02 12:54
Author: adhyaksa.banau

i'm trying to capture microsoft office 2007, why it took time so long? the file is not to big only 500MB. thanx

TAppTeam    June 10, 2015

Hello adhyaksa.banau

Thank you for asking this question. While answering your question,
We have an opportunity to review some PickMeApp internals.

The capturing installed application is a very complex process. It is not a simple file copy.
PickMeApp applies sophisticated patented algorithms to discover all applications components.
The components may including files, registries, drivers, system records, system variables  etc.

After all application's components are discovered, the components are packaged as a single archive .tap file.

Microsoft  Office is one of the most complex applications.
It has more than 5000 components. It takes some time to discover all those components.

Also if PC has a slow  disk  ( 5400 rpm for example, as most of laptops ),
it may take 1.5 more time than on PC having a quick disk  ( 7200 rpm).

From another hand the transfer of captured application is very quick .
All those 5000 components are deployed on a new PC with a few minutes.

By the way there is a more complex application that MS Office.
it is MS Visual Studio. It has about 10,000 components that should be discovered.

We hope it helps to understand the PickMeApp performance issues.
Also we have plans to improve the performance scientifically in future releases