Cannot tick checkboxes in My Captured Applications

Create: Ven, 2015-06-19 15:06
Author: rod_3

Successfully capturing, can even generate individual EXE for each TAP.

But the checkboxes in the right hand pane for the "My Captured Applications" section are GRAYED OUT and un-selectable so I cannot combine multiple captures into a single EXE for deployment.

Win 7 64 bit machine, pickmeapp NOT the light version.

The checkboxes ARE accessible in the "PickMeApp Free Section" and the "PickMeApp Trial Section".


TAppTeam    June 21, 2015

Please refer to the following help topic.

PickMeApp "Save as Exe" feature works for a single application or on all applications captured in the active profile ( for example My captured Application  profile).

if you would like to install some of applications  or install more than 40 applications at once , you should transfer those applications packaged  as tad file on another PC.
Then  you should use PickMeApp to redeploy the applications by selecting them on the right window.