Transferred Family Tree Maker

Create: Dom, 2016-01-24 14:00
Author: Anonimo (non verificato)

I replaced my wife's computer used for genealogy. FTM CD had vanished so your app was our only hope ( Free but I donated $10)

Capture and re-installation on new machine ( old and new both win 7 professional both Dell) Note that on transfer and installation a shortcut was not created.

I located Icon {leaves} in files and when I clicked it received the following error message from Windows: Files that help describe the problem:




This occurred every start attempt until I created and used a shortcut on desktop.

Now it appears to become active but does not complete the launch. Please advise.

If there is no way to resolve this, how can I restore the ability to capture a second time in effect starting fro scratch?

Thanks Clive

TAppTeam    January 28, 2016

Dear clive_2


To restore the ability to capture  delete or copy captured TAP file and restart PickMeApp.
Alternatively capture application in another profile ( see manual how to create new profile)

could you please share the following information

is it  Family Tree Maker  from

Which version of the application? Which year ?

As we see in your databases, the people reported successfully transfer for

  • Family Tree Maker 2014
  • Family Tree Maker 2011
  • Family Tree Maker 2009
  • Family Tree Maker 2008
TAppTeam    January 29, 2016

We have successfully captured and installed Family Tree Maker 2012 with default PickMeApp settings.

The only workaround was to make sure to run Family Tree Maker "as administrator"

See  the screen shot


So your TAP file could be correctly deployed on Win 7 machine.
Make sure to run the Family Tree Maker "as administrator"