We’re going back to our roots! PickMeApp Installer, the free tool to manage software, is going live!

We are happy to announce the release of PickMeApp Installer, the free tool used to manage almost all aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, terminating and removing applications with just a few clicks.

PickMeApp Pro and PickMeApp Installer share many common features:

* Installing or upgrading new programs by automatically performing installs and updates in the background
* Uninstall unnecessary programs automatically in the background
* Built-in PickMeApp collection of 120 free and popular programs that are regularly updated and install silently in the background
* Create and manage private application collections from a list of 20,000 software titles

The unique PickMeApp Installer feature: it is absolutely free, which means no licenses, no expirations and no adware.

PickMeApp Installer can also be used to analyze installed software programs and determine if they are supported by PickMeApp.

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Visit the PickMeApp Installer web page to learn more and start your download:

Upgrade reminder:
* The latest  PickMeApp Pro
* The latest PickMeApp Light