Happy New PickMeApp release!

Create: Mar, 2019-01-01 14:01
Author: root

PickMeApp(Classic) is coming to its end-of-life date.
We are happy to inform you of our long-awaited commercial release of a full (classic) PickMeApp 2.0.

What is new in PickMeApp (08-Oct-2019)

  • PickMeApp(Classic) is coming to its end-of-life date.
  • Use PickMeApp Pro 3.1 and up with the same license

What is new in PickMeApp (09-Jul-2019)

  • Fix: Transfer failed with "......install finished with error because restoring data cache and source lists failed" error. The error was responsible for about 10% failures, mostly for MS office components.

What is new in PickMeApp (26-Jun-2019)

  • Feature: PickMeApp(Classic) License can run PickMeApp Light.
  • Feature: More verbose session log messages .
  • Feature: Make PickMeApp setup smaller.
  • Feature: PickMeApp Pro compatibility
  • Fix: MS Office Suites were not uninstalled silently
  • Fix : email was restricted to small letters only
  • Removed: Guess silent uninstall switches was removed from PickMeApp

What is new in PickMeApp (31-Dec-2018)

  • Fix: License purchased at 31-Dec-18 was not recognized.
  • Note : PickMeApp is not respecting PickMeApp Light license.

PickMeApp 2.0 brings several UI improvements, rich functionality and stability fixes.
You can download and purchase PickMeApp 2.0 by visiting the PickMeApp  page:

What is new in PickMeApp (31-Dec-2018)

 The "what is new" comparison is done with PickMeApp Beta

  • PickMeApp Multi language interface. The interface is available on several languages
  • Collecting and presenting installed application hidden parameters : installation date, last access date, size of application , size of application setup cache, etc.
  • Capture and Transfer Software Suites .  PickMeApp can automatically identify and capture software programs bundled together as a software suite
  • Capture application setup cache . While capturing an application, PickMeApp locates and captures installation cache files.
  • Uninstall selected applications one by one , silently
  • Guess silent uninstall switches for Non-Qualifed applications
  • Uninstall MS Office suite silently.
  • Repackaging several  selected applications as one setup package ( Pack aka SaveAs feature).
  • Repackaging big software products. PickMeApp may pack  software products and software suites bigger than 2.0 GB (Office 2013/2016, Visual Studio etc.)
  • System Recover Points Creation for install and uninstall actions. (Experemental Feature) :
  • Several critical fixes to improve capturing and installing of applications.

What was removed from PickMeApp 2.0

Application Management features found in  PickMeApp were temporally removed.

  • Installation of external applications described by PAD standard.
  • Silent installation of external applications described by TAD standard